Criminal Law

Criminal Law represents the host of Legislative rules which regulate the manner of a State’s penal authority exercise, hence the imposition of provided sentences pertaining to crimes. Modern Criminal Law has an exclusive public character and the exercise of penal authority is performed for the sake of public interest.

Criminal Law is distinguished into: Substantive Criminal Law and Criminal Procedure.

I. Substantive Criminal Law
Represents the host of regulations of Law designating those acts which are characterized as crimes as well as the threatened penalty (punishment) which must be imposed (either as a sentence or as a safety measure) to the perpetrator of those acts.

II. Criminal Procedure
Represents the host of regulations of Law which designate firstly the jurisdiction of established State authorities and secondly the procedure of operation of those authorities in order for them to verify the defendant’s guilt, so as to impose onto the defendant the appropriate criminal penalty as provided for by Substantive Criminal Law.

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