Civil Law

Civil Law is the branch of Legislation which regulates differences between private individuals (“citizens”). In Greece this is regulated via the Civil Code and is separated into five parts:

I. The General Principles of Civil Legislation
This part includes general definitions which concern the entirety of Civil Law, such as the definition of a legal entity and a private individual, the description of declaration of intention and a legal act, when and how is a contract compiled (proposition, acceptance etc), which are the consequences of the defects of intention (deceit, fraud, threat) etc.

II. The Law of Obligations
Regulates obligations, meaning lawful relationship based on which a private individual owes a provision to another party. The main subjects here are two things, obligations arising from a contract and obligations arising from the Law. The Law of Obligations regulates the rights and obligations of both debtor and creditor of a provision, the abnormal development of an obligation (provision failure, delinquency, defective performance on behalf of the debtor), respective contracts and malfeasances. Specific branches of the obligational legislation indicatively include labour law, tenancy law and compensations arising from traffic accidents.

III. Property Law
Regulates the absolute rights pertaining to objects, such as proprietorship, possession, usufruct, jobs, collateral and mortgage. Property Law designates these rights, their content, their establishment, their method of transfer and their protection.

IV. Family Law
Regulates all pertinent to marriage, the obligations and rights of spouses, matters concerning the dissolution of marriage, child custody, rights and obligations of parents and children, adoption and alimony matters between spouses and relatives.

V. Inheritance Law
Regulates matters concerning inheritance succession, will, devolution of inheritance to heirs, legal entitlement etc.

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